Framed art prints with a simple finish would be best suited to this type of boldness. The artwork itself has enough in it that nothing more is required. Some prefer cheaper options, such as smaller reproductions or unframed versions - much depends on your budget and also your personal tastes. The style of the interior around which it will be displayed is also highly significant - a small print sat alone on a large wall would not look quite right.

Kirchner's landscape scenes have proven particular popular, where this skilled artist captures the beautiful countryside of both Germany and Switzerland. It is easy to understand just why he felt so at home in his new surroundings once he crossed the border from his native Germany. His art was more welcomed by the establishment and he feared the reach of his original nation and the way in which its government was treating modern art.

Those considering buying reproduction prints of original Kirchner paintings will find a huge selection of choice available. He was a highly prolific artist who tackled many different mediums during his career. You might even, for example, prefer a print of one of his photographs which were also critically acclaimed. Besides his own portraits and landscapes there were also many sketchbook drawings that forms a growing niche with art fans. In all, with copyright having been removed from his work due to the years that have passed since his death, many retailers offer huge selections of his work to choose from.

If you have a broad interest in art you may also have an interest in Franz Marc prints, or perhaps those of others such as Wassily Kandinsky, August Macke or Edvard Munch. All of these artists shared stylistic similarities to Kirchner, but each had their own unique touches. Marc used a similar boldness of colour whilst Macke preferred a reduced use of detail. Munch was a Norwegian painter whose figurative work was fairly similar to Kirchner. His series of The Scream remains amongst the most popular choice for art prints over the last few decades.